Expose Leftists as Evil: Abuse, Rape of Migrants ‘Is on Joe Biden’

Mass homicides1, mass rapes2, are caused by Leftist policies. Yet, leftists invert reality, unopposed, and are allowed to keep the moral high ground.  Leftists attack allegedly evil “racists”, “xenophobes”, and “white supremacists”. No, they do not label us as good persons with “racist” ideas.

Terrible results of PC policies are never branded as evil and deadly. Censorship gag orders make sure PC policies are unfalsifiable3. Naïve young uninformed Leftists do not know #RacistFacts. The true Evil are the PC Gag Orders that prevent them from ever finding the truth. Because the truth is “racist”4,

Exclusive — Sebastian Gorka: ‘Abuse,’ Rape’ of Migrants ‘Is on Joe Biden’

The abuse, suffering, and death of migrants at the hands of transnational criminal cartels facilitating human smuggling across the U.S.-Mexico border is on the hands of President Joe Biden and all Democrats, said Sebastian Gorka, host of the America First radio show, former deputy assistant to the president, on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow, author of Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption.

Australia’s5 border closure stopped illegal immigration and ended death and suffering of migrants.

“The decisions of Joe Biden and the people around him have created such a swell of thousands of people every single day who can only get here if they work with the cartels, with those who abuse, rape, and in some cases turn these individuals into indentured servants,” Gorka remarked.[…]

“You have to look at the mechanics of using a coyote,” he explained. “In some cases, [migrant families] have the money and they give their life savings to have their children or themselves smuggled across the U.S. border. In many cases, they don’t have the $5,000 or $10,000, so they give the coyote $2,000, and the coyote says, ‘You’re going to work for me in America illegally until you’ve paid off,’ which means never. So they became become a new underclass of indentured servants, or effectively slaves.”

Slavery committed by non-whites is taboo to mention6

Gorka determined, “This is on Biden. It’s on every Democrat. … This is on you. When that six-month-old girl gets thrown in the river by the coyotes so that they can escape from the Border Patrol — when that girl dies in the river, that other child dies the river — guess what? It is on every single stinking Democrat voter. You created the suffering. When these girls are raped — up to 60  percent of the young girls and women are raped or sexually abused while trafficked across the border — it is on you.”

Of course, to be honest, Leftists should send cruise ships and air planes to pick up anyone who wants to come to America. That would end the suffering on the way. And it probably will happen: Germany already  flies in “refugees” in 2 am night flights, regularly, and secretly.

Gorka framed border security and immigration policies in moral terms. He said, “What has happened right now is a conscious choice to do evil.”

Many do-good snow flakes are uninformed and don’t know the evil they promote. Institutionalized media lies and deception hide the crimes committed by Hispanic drug gangs.

[…] ? This is the party that says that they’re the kind ones, ‘We’re here for the minorities. We’re here for humanity, for equality.’ I’m sorry, this is evil, and there is no other word for it.”

“It is on Joe Biden, Susan Rice, the rest of these extremists, AOC included. It’s on Nancy [Pelosi], it’s on [Chuck] Schumer, and I’m sorry, it’s on everybody that’s voted for them,” he assessed.

It is Left privilege7 to not be blamed for deadly consequences of leftist policies. Just as it is “minority” privilege8 not to be blamed for violent crime.

Gorka concluded by saying that Republicans and the broader conservative movement do not deserve to lead the nation if they cannot persuade the American public of the importance of American sovereignty in the context of the status quo of the southern border and illegal immigration.

He remarked, “If we as a movement — as a party, as people who are just believers in the truth and in all things decent — cannot leverage what is happening now on the southern border, we don’t deserve to be back in politics. We don’t deserve to win elections.” [Source: Exclusive — Sebastian Gorka: ‘Abuse,’ Rape’ of Migrants ‘Is on Joe Biden’]

Even Richard Nixon favored Leftist gag orders that cover up black and minority crime. Nixon did NOT fight Leftist disinformation, the source of false policy decisions and of misled voting decision


  1. Racism saves lives
  2. See [Rotherham]  [Telford][Million victims] [Cologne New Year] [Sweden][Finland]. Racism reduces rape
    • The Truth is Racist, races are different
      Anti-Racist theory is factually wrong, science debunked its tenets beyond reasonable doubt. Crime Statistics are racist because they show very high black criminality. IQ test unequivocally show Race differences. This is in stark violation of the Equality dogma (all races are equal). .

  3. . Australia’s Pacific Solution: prevent 5000 rapes in Sweden
  4. Unequal treatment, unequal rights
  5. Black Privilege

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