Media brainwashing quantified! False beliefs, about police killings etc.

Population brainwashing – regarding number of unarmed Blacks killed by police in 2019- was measured and quantified. Thousands of willfully distorted newspaper articles1*2*3, Hollywood movies with white villains, black saviors, get the desired long term PC brainwashing result.


Brainwashed Belief in Hoaxes questionnaire by Scott Adams
  • Chances of having to go to hospital after catching Covid — Bill Maher: Democrats think over 50% of Covid-infected need to go to hospital, reality is 1% to 5%. Beliefs about proper Covid policies are greatly influenced by such false beliefs.
  • Brainwashed ignorant elite-law-school students, clueless about race differences in crime, IQ, out of wedlock births4

The Terrible Cost of Willful Ignorance

The survey asked “How many unarmed black men were killed by police in 2019?” Stop and ask yourself: Do you know the right answer?

Your fellow citizens could chose among five answers: Thirty-three percent chose the lowest figure of “About 10”. The most common answer, “About 100,” got 38 percent, and 29 percent thought the number was 1,000 or 10,000 or even more. The correct answer is in the Washington Post’s database on police killings. And when you search for the year 2019, black, unarmed, male, as you can see at the bottom line, the number is 11 people shot and killed by police. [Source: The Terrible Cost of Willful Ignorance]

Willful media manipulation, as described in Sincerity.net5, achieves the goal of implanting false Leftist narratives in people’s mind.

That means most the common answer in the survey – one hundred – was about ten times higher than the correct answer, and about a third of Americans think police killed a thousand or more unarmed blacks.

There’s more to it than that. The more liberal you are, the more likely you are to be hopelessly wrong. This table shows how people answered, according to their political orientation.

Look at the left, the “very liberal” people. Only 15.71 percent got the right answer – that’s the blue column, which is “about 10”. The most popular number for “very liberal” people was the gray bar. They think police shot and killed 1,000 unarmed black men. The next bar, the yellow one, is the 14.29 percent who think police killed about 10,000 black men in a single year, and 7.86 percent thought police killed more than 10,000. Look at the other political orientations – listed left to right at the bottom – and pay attention to the blue bars, which represent the correct answer of ‘about 10.’ The more conservative you are, the more likely you are to get it right, with a little dip for the “very conservative.” But among even the *best informed* people, the “conservatives,” not even half knew the right answer – only 46.39 percent. 40.56 percent thought the figure was one hundred, or ten times what it really was, and 13-1/4 percent – that’s the total of last three lines – gray, yellow, and green – thought police had killed 1,000, 10,000 or even more.

Some of the indoctrinators might believe in their own lies6, others just believe that reality does not exist and can be bent according to the narrative7. A long list of false beliefs can be found at the end of the article.

Ignorance has consequences. As you know, when George Floyd died in May last year, the country erupted in riots and looting. At least 200 cities had to impose curfewsThere were billions of dollars in insured losses – and who knows how much in uninsured losses – making it the worst civil unrest in US history. More than 30 states and the District of Columbia – the ones in orange – had to call out the National Guard to keep the peaceThat was nearly 100,000 men, making it the largest military operation other than war in American history.

This is the memorial where George Floyd died. He has become a saint. His funeral was a massive affair and he was buried in a gold casket.

Did all this have anything to do with the wildly exaggerated ideas people have of the number of unarmed black men the police kill every year? Don’t forget, more than half of Americans think the number is 10 times, 100 times, even 1,000 times greater than it actually is, and probably think the police never kill unarmed white people.

The media’s omissions, distortions, and blatant lies have serious real world cost8 in terms of lives lost and property damage. And psychological results of trauma, of living in an unsafe world with uncontrolled rioting.

Well, the Washington Post database tells you that in 2019, when police killed 11 unarmed blacks, they also killed 23 unarmed white men and 10 Hispanic men. That doesn’t get much coverage, does it?

Omission is a powerful weapon for misinformation

Every year, police kill about 1,000 people total. About 950 of them are armed and clearly dangerous. Blacks are about one quarter of the total killed, and this is less than you would expect from their rates of violent crime and how often they are arrested.

Full scientific honesty, or childlike innocent honesty would require such facts to always be mentioned. Blacks are under-represented in police killings, when considering the high rates of Black crime (taboo to mention), justified arrests of black criminals, and aggression of Blacks towards police officers

The Washington Post had this information – anyone could have found it. But when the rioting started, did big media say, “Uh, fellows, there is no plague of racist police shootings. Calm down”? No. Here’s the Washington Post *at the height of the riots*: “America has always known about systemic police brutality. Will we finally do something about it?” Do you think this article mentioned the numbers from the Post’s very own database? Of course not. And just last week, an article about “black men and boys killed by police” starts with these words: “Police shooting and killing Black males is all but a centuries-old American tradition among law enforcement in the U.S.” No one would dare run that headline if people knew the truth. Every cop in America knows that if he shoots a black man it could ruin his life.

The newspaper who knows the truth, the newspaper who documents the racist truth, simply pretends it does not know. As required by the written media gag orders to never write negative things about Blacks. &&& The only long term solution would be to cease documenting murder and violence, or omit race in the documentation. US government already goes that way &&&9


I work for American Renaissance, one of the few organizations that publishes facts about race and crime. And what does it get us?  A website called Media Bias/Fact Check says this. The yellow dot in the red means we are on the “extreme right.” Our factual reporting is low, and we are a questionable source. That’s what you get for telling the truth. But our readers know how many blacks are killed by the police.

You will recall that the more liberal someone is, the more likely he is to have completely crazy ideas about police killings. And what would you call the media? Liberal? Very liberal? They sympathized with the rioters — not the police — because the rioters were fighting police racism. Imaginary police racism.

Would the truth have made any difference? Here’s a clip from a video by Ami Horowitz, who went to a BLM rally and explained the facts about police shootings. [1:41 – 3:15 ]

That is the liberal mentality. These white people are so caught up in the virtuous excitement of fighting racism that they don’t want to hear the facts.

I suspect people in media think the same way. They ignored the truth – for years – and when the rioting started, they sat on the facts. They called the police racist, looked smug, and America burned.

The police reaction was, “Gosh, if we do our jobs, we’re called racists, and our cities go up in flames.” So they pulled back. The result was the biggest one-year jump in murders ever. ­­­And almost all the additional dead people were black men. Has that sobered the media? Not one bit.

And a closing remark. In just a few days, jury selection will begin for the trial of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer who restrained George Floyd with a knee to the neck. And here’s the news from that city: “Minneapolis fortifying buildings with fencing, concrete barricades, and razor wire before Chauvin trial. City leaders say National Guard soldiers will also be in Minneapolis.” Stores are boarding up.

Media misinformation causes riots, at least since the manipulative Rodney King video cuts10 that caused the Los Angeles riots.

Gee. Why is that? Because everyone knows that if Officer Chauvin is not convicted of murder, the city – the country – will blow up. But the media have been telling us for nearly a year that Floyd was murdered, so conviction will be a cinch, right? Maybe not. Media hardly mentioned it when three months after Floyd died, an autopsy report came to light. “New court docs say George Floyd had “fatal level” of fentanyl in his system. Defense attorneys argue drug overdose and pre-existing health conditions caused Floyd’s death.”

The evidence could show Derek Chauvin is *not* guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. But what Minneapolis jury would dare find him innocent? Every juror will know that would unleash a storm of violence. Every juror will know that if he votes the wrong way it could put his very life in danger. That’s why there is no chance of a fair trial, and why an innocent officer could be locked up for years – to appease the mob. [Source: The Terrible Cost of Willful Ignorance]

Questionnaires to measure False Beliefs (brainwashing index)

Many articles prove the falsehood of commonly held convictions, or the ignorance of truths that are generally unknown. We can ask people’s beliefs about these topics

We start a list here

  1. Ann Coulter: The Daunte Wright NYT Readers Don’t Know! [Amren]
    Daunte Wright is the half-black man fatally shot by a police officer in Minnesota earlier this year. According to Nexis, he has appeared in well over 100 articles in the Times. But one thing Times readers will never be told is that Wright was facing criminal charges for trying to choke a woman to death while robbing her at gunpoint.They will also never hear about the lawsuit accusing Wright and an accomplice of shooting a guy during a carjacking.In a bold departure from customary practice, the Times did make two passing references to another lawsuit claiming Wright shot a guy in the head, permanently disabling him, but in both cases, quickly added: “The lawsuit offers no direct evidence tying Mr. Wright to the shooting.”And those are just the crimes he’s accused of committing lately, during the brief year and a half since he turned 18 and was no longer treated as a juvenile.
  2. Kyle Rittenhouse
  3. Los Angeles Riots
    deleted first xx second of video
  4. percent of Blacks in the US is 13%, people world wide usually think 30%
  5. Percent Whites in world, people have false impression!
  6. Black On Asian Hate Crime Roundup: 24+ Posts, And MSM Still Blaming Trump, George Floyd: a) ask which population group attacks and robs Asians in the USA
    b) to be absolutely sure, we should find statistics, maybe in this article articles linked there
  7. Who commits hate crimes against Jews (find statistics), it is Muslims and Blacks
  8. @Klaus_Arminius
    I have asked a coworker what she thinks the world’s White (European descent) population is:
    Her: “Rough 40%” Me: Much less. Her: “25%?” Me: Roughly 10%. There are more Chinese than European descent.
    Her: “[Laugher] That is impossible. We are the majority.” This speak volumes.
  9. College Students Oppose Affirmative Action—But Don’t Know Why It’s Being Done

    It’s striking how much of a secret it is in modern America that affirmative action is mathematically necessary to achieve the levels of diversity that Nice White People think are morally mandatory. Pollsters seldom if ever ask this question, so I can’t prove that most Americans are ignorant of the fact that African Americans are not intelligent enough on average to be terribly competitive in quantitative terms in cognitively elite institutions and careers, but it sure seems like few Americans are cognizant of the cognitive realities.

    The one set of people who seem to be uniformly aware of the numbers are liberal college presidents. I wonder if when they make you president of an Ivy League college, is there a National Treasure: Book of Secrets moment where they unlock the drawer in the president’s desk and pull out the college’s top-secret copy of The Bell Curve with the special added customized chapter about how few blacks would get into your school without racial quotas? [Comment at]


  10. Hold officers accountable who use excessive force. But there’s no evidence of widespread racial bias. […]

    The police fatally shot nine unarmed blacks and 19 unarmed whites in 2019, according to a Washington Post database, down from 38 and 32, respectively, in 2015. The Post defines “unarmed” broadly to include such cases as a suspect in Newark, N.J., who had a loaded handgun in his car during a police chase. In 2018 there were 7,407 black homicide victims. Assuming a comparable number of victims last year, those nine unarmed black victims of police shootings represent 0.1% of all African-Americans killed in 2019. By contrast, a police officer is 18½ times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer.

    On Memorial Day weekend in Chicago alone, 10 African-Americans were killed in drive-by shootings.

  11. How do you think the average American would answer this poll? “Roughly, how high is the per capita murder offending rate for blacks compared to non-Hispanic whites?”
    • Equal
    • 1.5 times higher
    • 2 times higher
    • 10 times higher



      50% higher 100% higher 1,000% higher
      Normies will think “50% higher”; double or 10x is ridiculous unless you already know the numbers 
  12. “over 70 percent of a major high school class in the city thought Russia fought America in World War II. Yep, the city’s regressing, but the black mayor, the black attorney general, and the female governor of the state are not to blame. It’s racism and sexism”
  13. 9
  14. 10
  15. 1112

Technical details of such questionnaires are standard methods in psychology, and are explained in obfuscation index.


  1. We propose4 the [PC] obfuscation index5  to measure the extent to which media reporting covers up counter-narrative “racist” facts6. Does it distract the reader’s mind from un-PC “racist” or “sexist” facts7(that are relevant to the issue in discussion).

    • Black Thugs Matter: Glorification of Felons
      Many popular famous rich Blacks athletes, singers are felons. (National Felons’ League”.  Famous “victims” of white police violence resisted and attacked police

    &&need to list articles about MSM and politician lies regarding Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Rodney King beating, etc.

  2. Amy Wax on her students: Okay, they literally don’t know that there are crime rate differences or they think this is just some kind of right-wing conspiracy theory. They have no idea what the out-of-wedlock birth rate is for blacks. If you ask them, they’re off by like several orders of magnitude. Okay, when you tell them it’s more than 70%, they are shocked and amazed and incredulous. They don’t know. … They study race, inequality, sociology up the wazoo, but they’re never exposed to this stuff.
    And the idea that there might be even IQ differences that are measurable. I had one very sincere, very intelligent student say to me, do you really believe all this IQ stuff? Like, do you really believe that there are these differences? … And do you believe that they have any significance? So what can I say to him? I said, well, do you think that some people are smarter than other people?
    I mean, let’s start with the basics here. … The whole idea that some people are smarter than other people is one that they’re having an aversion to, even though their everyday common sense experience is telling them that. There’s also a huge amount of cognitive dissonance because, you know, your day-to-day experience exposes you to the fact that there are stupid people and smart people. But in school, that idea is not just absent, but discredited. So you know, apart from this tiny, tiny faction of sophisticated right-wing guys who are curious about HBD, I honestly, I wonder how many people are even aware of this stuff. I honestly do.One interesting aspect of this is that law schools are ruthless about stratifying themselves in terms of average LSAT scores:
  3. Forbidden to say anything negative about minorities, to avoid stirring up prejudices

    It is not permissible to tell the whole truth. Journalists, police, teachers, every citizen, all are REQUIRED TO LIE: because the WHOLE TRUTH “stirs up prejudices against minorities”.  For over half a century, we have eagerly embraced this gag order. “Black kills White” must not be uttered.

    The AP Stylebook even requires Media to remove true facts about ethnicity of a criminal, as soon as the suspect gets apprehended.

  4. Ignorance vs. dishonesty: hard to discern
    False statements may be based on honestly held false beliefs, or may be intentional deception (with the good intention to “avoid prejudice”). Freudian unconscious& denial, self deception can mix and confound ignorance and dishonesty.

  5. Postmodernism: Denial of Objective Reality and of Facts is Dishonest
    Postmodernism denies facts and objective reality. The truth is based not on agreed upon facts and evidence, but is contingent on narrative and point of view.

  6. Racism saves lives
    Anti-Racism Kills. Effective safe policing is racist. Disproportionately [4] large numbers of Blacks were stopped and frisked . Politically correct (PC) anti-racist …

    Naive ignorance about race kills
    The cruel consequences of anti-racist misinformation cause hardship, suffering, and death. Anti-racist indoctrination by politically correct media, schools, …

  7. Black Homicide rates Censored, deleted statistics:
    US government censors actually removed existing statistics pages from the web. We put them back.

  8. Rodney King 1992 LA Riot hoax, George Floyd deception have in …

    Resistance to arrest and Rodney King’s attack on police were visible in the “ accidentally” omitted 13 seconds of the video (where King violently attacked police).

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