When Muslim slave hunters depopulated Africa [is a taboo topic]

Muslim “minorities” as perpetrators of slavery!?

The thought police does not allow such discussion. White Christians are uniquely to blame for slavery, are intrinsically evil and uniquely must pay reparations. The anti-racist #PCGagOrder does not allow  to set facts straight! Anti-racism perpetuates anti-white narratives because #RacistFacts are taboo1!

Such #RacistFacts must never be spoken. Always obey the #PCGagOrder: “Never speak negatively of ‘minorities’, in order to avoid prejudice”. Don’t even think of the possibility that any non-white “minority” has ever perpetrated an atrocity. Only whites can be blamed for atrocities. “Minorities” are  always victims with flawless behavior3. Speaking differently would be “racism”4

When Muslim slave hunters depopulated Africa

(English translation of a German Main Stream Media article)

If it had long looked as if the Europeans were to blame for Africa’s misery, the picture has now changed. Manhunts by Muslim cavalry militias in South Sudan and the massacre of Nigerian Christians by Muslim nomads reveal lines of conflict that go back well into the pre-colonial era.

Slave hunting continues today, a century after whites have outlawed and shunned slavery, after whites tried to get slavery abolished in other continents. Today’s atrocities as continuation of past atrocities prove history’s whitewash of Muslims wrong.

It is time, writes the African anthropologist and economist Tidiane N’Diaye, “that the Arab-Islamic slave trade, which is tantamount to genocide, is examined more closely and is discussed in the same way as the transatlantic human trafficking.” With this in mind, he titled his book, which was passionately and much discussed when it appeared in France in 2008: “Le génocide voilé” – “The veiled genocide” (Rowohlt, 252 pages, 19.90 euros).

Africa has lost over 17 million people to Arab-Islamic slave traders in the last thirteen hundred years, not counting the far larger number of those who were killed in the enslavement of entire villages. If “horror and cruelty can neither be differentiated nor monopolized”, one could say; “that the slave trade and the jihad carried out by the merciless Arab-Muslim robbers was far more devastating for sub-Saharan Africa than the transatlantic slave trade.”

White Christian males can and must be blamed, Muslims can never be blamed.

We are not historians, we cannot vouch for all the details. But it is clear that historical facts (?)  about Muslim and Black slave trading are taboo to be discussed and mentioned. Speaking negatively of “minorities” is politically incorrect.

It is clear that the transatlantic slave trade, perpetrated by Christian and Jewish Whites, was not the first, last, and only slave trade. It is also clear that Blacks were involved in hunting and selling slaves. We are not even allowed to truthfully mention recent Muslim misdeeds,  the recent mass groomings and gang rapes5.

This terrible bloodletting began in 652 when the General and Emir Abdallah ben Said forced a contract on the Nubian King Khalidurat, which, in addition to the extradition of escaped Muslim slaves, also provided for the annual delivery of “three hundred and sixty slaves of both sexes” Best of your country are selected and transferred to the Imam of the Muslims “. This scourge is still active in today’s Sudan: “The horror in Darfur has lasted from the 7th century into the 21st century, with the difference that there is now also ethnic cleansing.”

The fact that African voices speak out in the “Contest of Memories” is nothing new, but so far their criticism has been directed at Europe, at the operators of the transatlantic slave trade and colonization. The fact that the Arab-Islamic slave trade, which N’Diaye expressly branded as genocide, has remained veiled to this day, is explained by a “Stockholm Syndrome of the African type”, with the delusional notion of victims who feel solidarity with their overpowerers. Arabs and black Africans see themselves as members of a solidarity community who “had to suffer for a long time under Western colonialism”. This is how “this Afro-Islamic ‘beautiful society’ comes to terms at the expense of the West. Everything happens,

For N’Diaye, the Arab-Muslim slave traders and the slave hunters of Africa did not do the essential preparatory work for the European slave trade: “For almost ten centuries, from the 7th to the 16th centuries, they even had a monopoly on this shameful trade”. How the Europeans broke into this monopoly was shown in 1719 by Daniel Defoe’s “Robinson Crusoe”. Like hundreds of thousands of European seamen at the time, it fell into the hands of a Turkish corsair from Salé in North Africa and became his house slave.

[…] From the 17th to the 19th centuries, the Europeans participated as a rising third in a system that had previously deported Africans in slave caravans through the Sahara and by sea to the Arab-Islamic world for centuries.

But there are important differences between the Orient and the Occident. While slavery around the Mediterranean has persisted into modern times, the powers of the West only practiced slavery in their colonies. And had the European slave trade and the formulation of human rights developed in parallel for a long time, in the end the law prevailed over the interests of the slave owners.

But why did the Arab-Muslim slavery system remain intact for 1300 years and was only largely curtailed under pressure from the European colonial powers and the Kemalist reforms in Turkey? Even if N’Diaye quotes a number of Koran suras in the appendix, “which advocate the slavery of non-Muslims by Muslims”, the short circuit between religion and slavery would be misleading, because when quoting from holy texts it depends on who is quoting. A devout slave owner comes to different interpretations than an abolitionist based on the same text. […]

Such approaches are not sufficient to explain the peculiarities of the Arab-Muslim slave trade and its persistence in countries like Mauritania and Sudan. More likely the fact that in the great success story of Muslim expansion, conquest and proselytization overlapped.[…]

And what must have been the mood of societies that, for more than a millennium, imported millions of people who had been torn from their families and their homes overnight, brutally abused and often castrated? Unlike Roman slavery, which offered the prospect of release and civil rights as the greatest incentive, the systematic castration of African slaves in the Arab-Muslim world prevented osmosis between the Orient and Africa. […]

It was not a religion to blame

Who, other than Muslim, ISIS, practice slavery today, clearly supported by their religious texts?6*7

, but its abuse to discriminate against people of different faiths and to legitimize absolute rule. When Muslim and Christian Africans clash now […]

Clash? Muslims attack Christians in Africa! Even N’Diaye uses politically correct embellishments. Slave hunters clash with their prey?

Tidiane N’Diaye: The Veiled Genocide. The history of the Muslim slave trade in Africa. A. d. Franz. V. Christine and Radouane Belakhdar. Rowohlt, Reinbek. 253 pp., 19.95 euros [Source: When Muslim slave hunters depopulated Africa (Title in English translation)]










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