Washington Post manipulates: World Class Obfuscation & Brainwashing!

The Washington Post lies by omission, distorts,  misleads, gives wrong impressions to gullible MSM readers. Our rigorous rules of full disclosure cut through the socially accepted manipulation of such propaganda publications1. Standard social science questionnaires can measure and quantify the misinformation2 spread by such manipulative publications and measure them against our standard of radical COMPLETE TRUTHFULNESS: a new religion! #1 OMISSION, GAG ORDERS: the mortal sins!


The forgotten — and ignored — context for the emergence of the Hunter Biden laptop story

World class obfuscation and brainwashing.

<Hunter Biden Photo>
Hunter Biden waits for the start of a debate his father, Joe Biden, was participating in at Centre College in Danville, Ky., on Oct. 11, 2012. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)

  • 1) photo is subtly misleading, to give a positive impression of Hunter Biden. In the photo Hunter
    Hunter Biden is impeccably groomed. More befitting for the topic would be the numerous photos of debauchery, drug use, from the laptop. Or compromising emails from the laptop. Or Hunter Biden and Joe Biden getting together out of Vice President’s plane Airforce 2, demonstrating connection of Hunter’s business dealings to his father’s political clout.  Ahmaud Arbery’s graduation photos, 17 year old Trayvon Martin’s cute 12-year old photos, and eerie Trump grimaces are more blatant example of such rampant manipulation.

content of the report was soon subsumed to the odd way in which the paper obtained the information.

  • 2) It is extremely dishonest to omit that NYT and MSM published oddly sourced  information by “anonymous whistleblowers” about Trump for years, information that was obviously illegally leaked if not even untrue and invented.  Now the same MSM complain about well sourced data that can easily be verified. Face recognition can verify Hunter Biden’s photos, handwriting specialists and bank tellers can check Hunter’s signature on the work order. It is odd that Hunter Biden leaves and abandons evidence of his crimes at the repair shop until it legally becomes property of the shop. It shows that the most stupid failure to cover up crimes are covered up by MSM reporting.

 Mainstream outlets and social media companies balked at elevating the story’s claims,


  • 3) No “elevating” needed, only fact checking and confirming. The story’s claims were TRUE. There was plenty of evidence for the validity of the laptop.
  • 4) Any bank teller could, for example, validate Hunter Biden’s signature on the repair slip.



  • 5) even the NYT now admits that the laptop is authentic makes this a blatant lie.
  • 6)The FBI sat on the data for months in total inactivity

triggering frustrations on the right that remain to this day.


  • 6) “triggering frustrations” subtly distracts from the truth that the frustration is 100% justified. . Publication of the laptop contents would have given a landslide victory to Trump,
  • 7) About 7% of Biden voters stated, in one survey, they would have changed the vote had they known about the laptop contents and its veracity.


  • ((NOTE: this is a short blog post, geared towards people who know these facts. For a good research article for the general public, we need to link to the evidence of all our statements))


In this article, we’ll only look at the overlap of the first and third questions: Was the sourcing for information sufficiently dubious to justify caution by mainstream outlets? The answer, it seems clear, is yes.


  • 8) Totally trumped up false allegations lapped up and promoted by the media with no media “balking at elevating the hoax stories’ claims”.  The context of the “Russia collusion” hoax is covered up.
  • 9) There were hundreds MSM hoaxes all derived from unnamed sources, mostly pure inventions.
  • 10) More than “sufficiently dubious” fake news get published repeatedly, if they serve the narrative.
  • 11) “Hands up don’t shoot”, and similar stories sourced on convicted felons and perjurers get published.



  • 12) Also the 50 high ranking ex-secret service people who were lying that the laptop looked like a Russian disinformation campaign. Increased by the media lying by exaggeration that they said that it actually was a Russian disinformation campaign.

New reporting has re-elevated questions about how the story emerged and was handled. In light of that resurrection, it seems useful to articulate exactly why there was suspicion about the story’s origins — suspicion that itself has not entirely been resolved.

  • 13) Of course the suspicion has been solved. Other than all the unnamed anonymous sources for hundreds of MSM lies, distortions, exaggerations who were clearly discredited and proven false.


At the time, incidentally, Giuliani was in Ukraine looking to dig up dirt disparaging Joe Biden.


  • 14) “Dig up dirt” is dishonest. It is misleading manipulative improper terminology.
    “Digging up dirt” suggests a fishing expedition, trying to find dirt in an innocent person. Clearly manipulative distracting language for extremely suspicious behavior of Hunter Biden getting high salaries for a job where he has no qualifications and does not show up for work. “Find the truth about clearly suspicious behavior of the Bidens in Ukraine`” would be the correct impartial way to say it.
  • Obfuscation-index: how many facts were strategically omitted (in a news article)

That included meeting with a member of the Ukrainian parliament who was later sanctioned by the Treasury Department as a Russian agent.


  • 15) It kind of suggests a guilt of Giuliani, by association.
  • 16) In reality, the Washington Post is digging up dirt and smearing Giuliani.



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    1. COMPLETE-TRUTHFULNESS-dogma! #2 Why FULL-DISCLOSURE is a revolutionary concept
    2. COMPLETE TRUTHFULNESS: the new morality! #3 MEDIA GAG ORDERS are immoral sins!

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