“Restoring confidence” in election process with uninvestigated evidence of fraud

lkIt is absolutely clear that evidence of voting fraud was repressed and evidence verification was systematically suppressed. IT is outrageous that there is no outrage.

The Senator speaks that this inquiry is necessary to restore confidence into the election process. But rather, it cannot give confidence, it clearly shows that no affidavits, no leads were investigated. The poor souls who gave the affidavits will be threatened and unemployable for the rest of their lives, in vain.
This should cause a world wide media outrage, every single honest democrat citizen should be shocked about election fraud remaining uninvestigated and covered up forever.

Detailed video (likely to be deleted at some point in the future)

Hunter Biden corruption coverup

Add to this the concerted action to cover up and lie about the Hunter Biden corrupt dealings in Ukraine.

No outrage at proven concerted media disinformation campaign. 

The video is on Youtube, by an Australian Television channel. But Youtube made this non-searchable (another outrage).

It shows the concerted disinformation campaign by all media and politicians. They called the laptop story a “Russian disinformation campaign”.

It is outrageous that Hunter Biden can be dumb enough to not pick up his damning laptop from the repair shop so the evidence becomes public.  

Video Link



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