Covid-19 lockdown side effects are suppressed! Former German secret service chief assails cover-up

Cluelessness about suicides, bankruptcies, economic disasters, and co-morbidities related to Covid-19 lockdowns is chastised by Germany’s former secret service chief Hans Georg Massen1.

  • 1) why we don’t differentiate between deaths BY Coronavirus and death WITH Coronavirus (and other causes of death)
    • Why is Covid-19 so dangerous if there were no more deaths in 2020 than in flu-year 2018?

Video: Truth about Covid-19 is repressed. Sacked German secret service chief speaks up   

  • 2) why no inquiry in side effects and consequences of anti-corona lockdowns and restrictions: Number of psychiatric cases due to lockdowns, suicides, deaths due to reduced medical treatments. Long term consequences for economy and currency. Why was there no analysis of cost, side effects and future costs of fighting Coronavirus. The “medicine” might be worse than the virus itself
  • 3) Why are there only a few single Covid advisors (Faucci), and not Covid-19 advising committees with experts from many disciplines, including businesses, economists, ….
  • 4) Why do doubters get discredited and attacked. Why does public radio and Television participate in such  cover-ups.
  • It is understandable that citizens fear political decisions more than the virus.


  1. fired for speaking truths

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