Progressive “Zorro”: Females are much better justice fighters, NOT

Movie producers lose money, producing movies that people don’t want to see. Producers sacrifice profits to brainwash the “narrative” into people’s brains. Where is the OUTRAGE1? Is there any research that the spectators want to watch female fighters and black heroes?


NBC Preps ‘Zorro’ With Female Lead Who Fights for Social Justice


[…] The film will be produced by Rodriguez and Modern Family star Sofia Vergara’s LatinWe production group in cooperation with Universal TV.

Note the “minority” production to fulfill Oscar and other minority requirements.

The new spin on Zorro joins a long list of shows to dump male leads for gender swapped female heroes. A recent example was the box office bomb Ghostbusters, which starred an all-female cast including Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones.

Women are 10% inferior in all athletic endeavors2. Differences in military and fighting sports are even more vast.ß

This fits nicely into Hollywood’s social engineering: brainwashing the egalitarian “narrative” into the brains of the entire world population.


But there have been many others, including Ocean’s 8, an all-female Las Vegas heist film which is a remake of Ocean’s 11. There was a remake of the Michael Caine comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels which was re-titled The Hustler and starred Rebel Wilson. And then there was the Taraji P. Henson film, What Men Want, which is a remake of the Mel Gibson film, What Women Want.

There are also similar gender-swapping films in the planning stages, including a female Thor currently set to star Natalie Portman, who is finally coming back to the Marvel movie scene after refusing to reprise her Jane Foster role in the past few Thor films. Disney has also been looking to re-boot the 1991 film, The Rocketeer, but starring a black female lead instead of the white male of the original movie and the comic book upon which it was based. Also there are plans for a remake of 1984’s Splash, as well, but instead of a man meeting a mermaid, the film is to feature a woman meeting a merman.




  1. OUTRAGE! We must learn from the Left, to be OUTRAGED about every single omission, lie, discrimination, injustice
  2. Sports: sex differences:

    Women’s world record speeds are consistently under 90% of men’s record speed

    Sex differences in athletic performance are vast. Female world champion level athletes get obliterated by a club team of 15 year old boys [4]. There is a consistent 10% difference between women’s and men’s record times.  Women’s world records often equal 14 year old boys’ records.

    Women cannot compete with men in tennis, darts, snooker, chess, and even cooking.

    Sex differences in height are around 1-2 Standard deviations, about as much as Race differences in IQ.

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