#Hatefacts are truths that must not be spoken, truths that will get censored.

    • Hate facts are truths that must not be spoken among the intelligentsia any more because doing so could offend some “protected” group.[11]
    • Facts that are politically incorrect and will get you censored and attacked if you say them aloud. Like how Islam promotes slavery, there are IQ differences between races, and transexuals have extremely high suicide rates [9]1

      Hatefacts are similar to what we call #RacistFacts2

      Hatefacts attract PC (politically correct) censorships.

      Hatefacts are removed from Twitter, Facebook,  WordPress, Reddit, everywhere; Hatefacts are only saved on Archive sites (we hope these archives will not get censored soon, too)


      Here are about 700 hatefacts (politically incorrect but true statements) on Islam, race, gender relations, ethnocentrism, diversity, and more. These facts and other commentary were originally posted on the @LibrarianofHate twitter account

      Librarian of Hate (@LibrarianofHate) | Twitter (archive.is)

      Intersectional #AltRight#hatefacts – race, religion, and #HumanBiodiversity – will the Last Man please turn off the lights

      hatefacts.com – Illegal immigration is a weapon of mass …

      Across the political spectrum, the elite from both parties have been exercising a treacherous plan to Balkanize the U.S. for the benefit of their everlasting power, and the resulting bloody race wars, disease vectors, and class riots* seemed certain.


      Across the political spectrum, the elite from both parties have been…

      It’s the law

      illegal immigration is a weapon of mass destruction. Public Law…

      A day without “immigrants

      Each May 1, we are told we’re supposed to ponder “a day without…

      Welcome to Nueva America

      illegal immigration is a weapon of mass destruction. 80 miles from the…

      Some statistics on the Mexican invasion

      This information is compiled from FBI stats. Keep in mind that the FBI…

      Immigration cost counter

      illegal immigration is a weapon of mass destruction. Beginning of…

      HATE FACTS – Subvert

      This is an archive of the now dead Hate Facts Library. The largest of its kind, this database of information is an invaluable tool. While it was up it came with the following message: Here are about 700 hatefacts (politically incorrect but true statements) on Islam, race, gender relations, ethnocentrism, diversity, and more.


      Gender Women and Sex Roles. Women are less likely to be employed in highly competitive jobs. Source: http://ftp.iza.org/dp8563.pdf#page=3 More prosperous, egalitarian …

      10 Hatefacts for Those Who Hate Facts – Taki’s Magazine …

      This one feels blasphemous to even type. Who cares if blacks score worse than whites, who score worse than Asians? We’re talking about general patterns involving millions of people. I come from a long line of incredibly stupid drunks and I feel zero shame about it because I know they’re not me. We’re told the tests are culturally biased but that doesn’t explain why Asians all over the world repeatedly outscore the rest of us. I don’t care about that, either. I feel no envy for China. This data is treated like some kind of Raiders of the Lost Ark scroll that will melt your face if you look at it, but I don’t find it disturbing at all. As is made clear in the The Bell Curve, the curves have huge overlaps showing there are thousands of blacks smarter than whites and Asians, while plenty of stupid Asians are way dumber than most of us. […]

      TruthRevolution’s topic is about freedom to discuss likely true topics. We don’t want to lose focus by endlessly discussing every single issue (which would be interesting and worth while but lose focus). Thus we like the wording “may” and “there is a chance”

      The accepted narrative for Native Americans is they were all playing Ring Around the Rosie until we blew germs on them and they all fell down. Though he had a helluva time getting it published, Lawrence H. Keeley’s War Before Civilization debunks that myth. The book describes common traditions such as mutilating a body AFTER it was killed to ensure the victim was doomed in the afterlife. We learn of mass graves with hundreds of scalped cadavers a good half-century before Columbus got there. Indian traditions have many wonderful traits, but let’s grow up a little and allow for the possibility they were simply incompatible with the modern world. For Christ’s sake, when we got here they hadn’t even invented the wheel. (Full disclosure: I’m allowed to consider this because the mother of my two children is a Native American.)

      The image of the huge black guy locked in a cell with the cowering white man is the fodder of many a bad joke, but doing the math gets unfunny really fast. The Justice Department recently came out with figures suggesting there were 216,000 victims of prison rape in 2008″”that’s the number of victims rather than incidents, which are probably far higher. Even this conservative estimate puts America in the painfully uncomfortable position of being “the first country in the history of the world to count more rapes for men than for women.” You won’t see it on Jezebel anytime soon, but it appears it’s men who should be more offended when rape is trivialized.

      The notion that the evil white man got rich stealing everyone else’s shit fits the great narrative and makes people feel better about themselves (including whites, the only group that derives pleasure from feeling bad about themselves). Here’s a hole in that argument wider than the Mason-Dixon Line: After the Civil War, the South had no wealth. The cotton money was spent. The cotton fields were burned. So even if slavery made us all plantation owners before the war””which is not the case, seeing as how a minority of Southern whites owned slaves even at slavery’s peak””we were all at a level playing field after it was done.

      Several books have been written about this counterintuitive truth. Basically: The laxer the gun laws, the less crime. The infantilized left hears about a murder and sees it came from a gun so it says, “GUNS = BAD.” Then they pile on statistics about innocent kids playing with guns and soon we’re doing everything we can to rid the world of “the Devil’s right hand.” All this is obliterated by the countless times a criminal is deterred by the possibility of their victim being armed. We’re not only talking about the thousands of times a potential victim has brandished a weapon and said, “Not gonna happen,” but also the millions of times the perp has been forced to assume their prey may be armed. I’d hate guns too if they led to more crime, but they don’t, so I’m left to enjoy protecting my home and occasionally exploding the living shit out of a unopened can of cola using a .30-06.

      Liberals Hate Facts!

      Liberals Hate Facts! has 1,730 members

      Library of Hate – archive.today

      Cousin marriage in the Arab world ranges from 8% in Morocco to 44% in Saudi Arabia. Source: http://www.reproductive-health-journal.com/content/6/1/17 Arab Christians …

      40 Interesting Facts about Hate Crimes | FactRetriever

      In 2004, the Georgia Supreme Court declared Georgia’s hate crimes law unconstitutional, because, while it “by no means [condoned] conduct motivated by a bigoted or hate-filled point of view,” the law was written so vaguely that it would be possible to “prosecute a sports fan for picking on somebody wearing a rival team’s cap.”

      How to Make a Narcissist Miserable: 12 Things They Hate …

      How to Make a Narcissist Miserable. 1 – Lack Of Acknowledgment. It’s no secret that most narcissists revel in admiration and validation (except for ‘closet narcissists’).

      Hatefacts – WordPress.com

      Here are 700+ hatefacts (politically incorrect but true statements) on Islam, race, gender relations, ethnocentrism, diversity, and more. These facts were not compiled by me but were originally posted on the @LibrarianofHate twitter account. Original archive can be found here Table of Contents Arabs and Islam Muslim World North America Europe (General) Germany UK Sweden…


      1. WPTV:  According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, more than 40 percent of transgender men and women in the U.S. have attempted to take their own life. That’s nearly 10 times the national average.

Yahoo Life: The numbers were much higher for transgender or nonbinary teens: Slightly more than half of transgender male teens (50.8 percent) said they had tried to kill themselves, while 41.8 percent of teens who identified as neither male nor female, and nearly 30 percent of transgender female teens said the same thing. About 28 percent of teens who identified themselves as “questioning” their sexual orientation also said they had tried to kill themselves.

Those numbers are starkly higher than those for cisgender female and male teens, who reported rates of 17.6 percent and 9.8 percent, respectively.

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