Block sales, credit cards, banking, for “racists”. Denying electricity, groceries, housing, banking will be next?

Free businesses can deny service to whoever they wish, except to protected “minorities”. “Right wing” “racist” might die of hunger living under a bridge. What prevents businesses from denying housing (like Airbnb does), groceries, department stores, shopping centers, all banking and financial services (like Patreon, PayPal, MasterCard already do). Blocking access to social media is already happening, domain names are already being taken away ßßß, internet services and cell phone services can be denied soon.   The businesses do not need to collude, it just happens that Diners is not interested in providing services to “Nazis” that get refused service by PayPal, Patreon, Visa. Nor does Facebook publish the video of those kicked out from YouTube, domain names are being taken away by domain registrars.  International travel can also easily be blocked, by countries blocking admission (Jared Taylor is blocked from the EU Schengen zone), Donald Trump was almost blocked from Britain, Robert Spencer and Richard Spencer cannot enter Britain.  People can be financially ruined: Alex Jones or Colin Flaherty had, probably, tens of thousands of dollars of monthly income from Youtube,. Akif Pirinçci’s book sales were mostly blocked from Amazon, from book stores, by his own editors. The book ban includes Pirinçci’s earlier totally inoffensive cat romance books.

“No beer for Nazis” is the motto of restaurants. Supermarket chains and shopping centers can join the ban. The few neighborhood grocery stores that would still provide service will stop doing so after a few being torched by BLM and Antifa, with typical police inaction and impunity. It is also OK to stop people from leaving their house, by being physically threatened, without police protection, see “Is it ok to punch a racist” by NYT. A few “Islamophobes” like Geert Wilders are still protected by around the clock police guards. Children of AfD members have been kicked out of private schools!

ßßß links and proof are partially below, more will follow ßßß

  • Delusional Los Angeles officials push new rule to STARVE OUT the unvaccinated by denying them access to retail grocery stores1

On a brighter side, when close to hunger death hospitals are still legally required to provide service.

This is not a joke, please prove me wrong.

Forbidden to mention negative facts about “minorities”, to avoid stirring up prejudices[12] [13]

Conspire to Tell the Truth, Defy Gag Orders to undo PC’s damage.

We live in a PC dictatorship, with speech control and thought control. The root cause are Media Speech Codes. To break this ever increasing repression, Truth Revolution fights the root cause, repression of #RacistFacts and #TrueSpeech


Amazon refuses to stop selling Tommy Robinson merchandise

Online retailer continues to sell merchandise including T-shirts with #freeTommy logo […]

Media codes demand to be dishonest, to omit true facts, in order to avoid prejudice. Defunding people for political opinion is an extension of media codes.

Paypal, Gofundme, Visa, Mastercard, Amazon, Twitter, Youtube all defund and block totally peaceful “white supremacists” &&link&&2

  • The Racism Exception to Civilized and Honest Behavior, is the excuse this de-funding, for media gag codes, foremost #PresseKodex12.1.
  • “Is it ok to punch a racist” the New York Times pondered. It obviously is ok for all companies to found a cartel to refuse business with “Nazis” and “racists” and “white supremacists”
  • It is ok for German restaurants to write “We do not serve Nazis”, refuse service to the AfD, the major parliamentary opposition party in all (?) German states in the federal congress Bundestag. They can not refuse service to refugees who tend to assault customers, steal, etc. (And for PC purposes I must add not every single refugee commits crime). Soon the “right wing” people will lose all banking services, the next will be phone, electricity, and water. Watch my lips.
  • It is ok for antifa thugs to threaten restaurants who still serve AfD groups, to break, paint bomb and destroy businesses, AfD offices and member residences and burn down their cars. No reverberations.  But non-violent Tommy is imprisoned and de-funded for protesting Rotherham style gang rapes of Pakistani Muslims against white girls.

The anti-racism campaign group Hope Not Hate said: “While individuals have every right to buy and sell Tommy Robinson merchandise, the real question here is why global brands such as Amazon and eBay appear happy to share in the profit from products promoting a far-right extremist.

The hateful Left calls others “ haters” for enganging in #TrueSpeech

  • Hate speech laws
    • Hate Speech Hate speech is speech that violates PesseKodex12.1’s restrictions. Hate speech laws enforce #TrueSpeech restrictions upon everyone, under penalty of the law.

“Are they comfortable with the fact that merchandise being sold on their platform is being worn and distributed at far-right demonstrations, some of which turn violent?”

Immigrants, “minorities” including the far left, enjoy the protection of Media Speech Codes that mandate to cover up violent minority crimes. To avoid prejudice, crimes and fake hoax crimes by the “right” are vastly exaggerated. Black violence, left violence, Muslim violence must be covered up as “minority” crime that would “stir up prejudices”.

EBay said the items breached its offensive materials policy, which prohibits the sale of “items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance, or promote organisations with such views”.

Tommy Robinson’s opposing gang rape of white girls by Muslim immigrants3 is in violation of Hate speech laws . Unequal rights` (enshrined in Media Speech codes) favor Leftist and minorities allow their crimes and hate with impunity 4

An spokesperson for eBay, said: “Listings of this nature are strictly prohibited on our marketplace. We have removed these items and have taken enforcement action against the seller.

Google Shopping continues to sell a range of T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “Free Tommy Robinson”, including some inspired by the Tommy Hilfiger logo. Source

Soon everyone will refuse to sell them. Soon there will be no credit cards, and no electricity, for Nazis.

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Uber and Lyft ban far-right activist Laura Loomer after anti-Muslim tweets Laura Loomer, an internet personality, prompted anger for her response to the attack that killed eight people after a pickup truck crashed into a bike path in Manhattan on Tuesday. The provocateur, who works for far right site The Rebel Media which has been nicknamed…

What is the breaking point: Trump’s banking blocked? Regular citizens cannot cash checks any more if they get removed from banking service, and will have to live on streets?



  1. Delusional Los Angeles officials push new rule to STARVE OUT the unvaccinated by denying them access to retail grocery stores
  2. PayPal Bans Conservative Sites After Soros-Funded Group Attacks …

    Between a Rock and a Hack Place | National Review Dec 9, 2010 … supporters have been mounting denial of service attacks against Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, and others deemed to have impeded WikiLeaks.


  3. Tommy Robinson & ‘Grooming Gangs‘: Britain Persecutes Journalist …

    1. equal Rights #3, Black and Leftist Privilege:
      Minorities and the Left can spew murderous hate with little consequences
    2. Unequal Rights #2:
      Unequal rights for the races, black privilege. Media quotes show what Leftists, Blacks, Minority can do with impunity
    3. Unequal treatment, unequal rights :
      Black caucus, La Raza, Black Lives Matter, “no beer for racists”, affirmative action, cultural appropriation, antifa violence, and dozens of more examples of unequal rights.

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