Dishonesty as a Method to Fight Racism 1

Dishonesty, omission, and outright lies are indispensable
to prevent racism, and not to play into the hands of the extreme right.

Under the guise of preventing racism and not playing into the hands of the extreme right, the PC left has made dishonesty not only acceptable, but required. Dishonesty is mandatory.

The politically correct Left has institutionalized dishonesty, has enforced a code of lies, omission, dishonesty upon society.  This dishonesty hides the fact that the foundations of Leftist theory are fundamentally false,  factually and scientifically wrong, and thus unscientific, antiscientific.1 purports to show the need for a truth revolt leading to a truth revolution, to overcome the effects of unbridled lies and deception.

  1. dishonesty is pervasive, institutionalized2 and permeates our society 3 4

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